here's how you get some free shit

yeah it's illegal but the punishment is literally a $25 fine

it's only $25 illegal
  1. pick a place. dollar stores are great because they're always throwing out shit. like seriously the box is ripped a tiny bit and they're ike oh clearly this is trashgarbage

  2. scope it out first. just like #casually park next to the dumpster obbbviousllyyyy. (you should actually park like a regular person and then walk around to the back of the building) note the size of the dumpster, if it has other ones near it, if there's a door leading inside next to it, all that

  3. go back to your delinquent lair and gather your supplies. if they sell food or fragile items, you wanna bring some gloves in case of rats or broken glass. syringes are another reason you bring gloves but like it's pretty hard to dive where you can find syringes even if you wanted to. cvs has a fence around their dumpster and a security camera. that's how much they care about their nasty disease sticks. anyway if the dumpster's really tall you wanna bring a stool or a box or something to stand on. if you try to lean over the edge you can break ribs. i'd say start with a shorter dumpster if you can find one

  4. formulate a plan. some places have unpredictable schedules in terms of when they put garbage out and when it gets taken away, so it's a lot of trial and error. start by showing up once the place is closed, that's the safest time becuase all the employees are gone or about to be gone. if there's nothing good, you can try during the day but be aware that then you don't have ~the cover of darkness~ plus when employees take their breaks a lot of them go out back and then they're like dude why the fuck are you going through the garbage ew

  5. get that trash!! usually the good stuff is in bags, sometimes those are just actual garbage though. you can bring a container if you're planning to take a lot but honestly you can usually snag an empty cardboard box or twelve so i would say don't bother. depends on where you're diving though. that's in the scoping stage. you already did that. what a champ.

  6. the places i dive are pretty clean but i disinfect my shit anyway and you probably should too with like some wipes or something but hey i'm not your boss

  7. that's it you did it you're welcome